Moving Users from one domain to another using Powershell

First we have to make a Trust Relationship between two domains.

Below you will see how to make trust relationship between two domains.

Here I’m using two domains one is and second is

Next we will start configuring the Trust relationship between these two domains.

First we need to configure DNS on any one server, we are doing that on

Configuration of network on both side is very important.





IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Preferred DNS:

Alternate DNS:


First we need to create a Reverse Lookup Zone on Server 2 I.e., (

Open the DNS manager Go To Start Type DNS in search and click.

Expand server name and Reverse Lookup Zone, Right Click New Zone,

Click Next

Select Primary Zone, Click Next.

Select Second Option, Click Next

Select IPv4, Click Next

Type the Network Address not IP , Click Next.